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Factoring Receivables



SGE Distribution Inc. Funding Ventures will purchase or  facilitate the sale of your accounts receivable to a funding source company called a Factor. Converting accounts receivable into immediate cash is quickly becoming the preferred way to provide consistent cash flow for your business. This simple process is called factoring. You receive cash within 24 to 48 hours (after the initial 7-10 day approval process). The Factor advances you a percentage of your invoice then collects the monies owed to you. The balance of monies owed you will be paid (less the Factor fee) when the Factor is paid. You retain complete control and ownership of your company and get the cash you need.

Factoring gives you a valuable business management technique. You get the cash you need now to:

  1. Meet current expenses and operating costs

  2. Respond immediately to seasonal demands and increase your business opportunities
  3. Purchase additional inventory to increase sales volume, and ultimately, profits
  4. Fund expansion and growth plans
  5. Take advantage of early payment discounts offered by your suppliers  

Unlike borrowing money to meet cash flow needs, factoring does not create debt. Loans increase your ultimate expenses by the amount of interest you are paying and reduce the bottom line value of your company. Loans also require collateral limited by your hard assets. Factoring accounts receivables is not a loan, so there is no debt to repay. Your balance sheet is more attractive and your financial position is strengthened.

The factoring process is straightforward and uncomplicated. The first step is a basic review of your accounts receivables. After the initial paperwork is completed, we activate our national network of funding sources, providing the best possible match and a customized program for your business. Although receivables represents security, they fall critically short of "money in the bank" when it comes time to finance your new orders or meet day-to-day expenses

SGE Distribution Inc Funding Ventures advances you cash for your accounts receivables.

Type of Accounts We Factor

  • Bio-Med

  • Construction

  • Distribution

  • Entertainment

  • Film Industry

  • Government Invoices

  • Health care Industry

  • High-Tech

  • Import-Export

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical

  • Music Industry

  • Service Industry

  • Staffing

  • Telecommunications

  • Transportation

  • Trucking

  • Many, Many More ....


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E-mail: funding@sgedistribution.com

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