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Real Estate Notes



One of the nation's premier mortgage lenders/brokers, offering a diversified portfolio of revolutionary concepts and products from some of the most respected companies in the industry.

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Residential Notes - Notes that are created by the sale of residential properties, including houses, townhouses, condominiums, and one-to-four family rental units.

Business Notes - Notes originating with the sale of any type of commercial (business) property including office, retail, apartment (more than one-to-four family units) and industrial properties.

Vacant Land Notes - Notes on developed or undeveloped land, or land not designated as a specific use property such as farm land or waste storage. This category does not include land that has been improved for development and building

Today, the value of your note will depend on several factors, including:

  • The collateral securing the note (if any)

  • Number of remaining payments
  • Interest rate (if any)
  • Credit worthiness of the party making the payment or the "risk factor"

Even if you are not currently holding a note but trying to sell your home, offering "owner financing" is a tremendous benefit tool to you and your prospective buyers. Owner financing opens the door to a wider range of buyers. Perhaps you have an interested party who has less than perfect or unestablished credit. Owner financing gives that prospective buyer an opportunity he would not otherwise have.

Sell all or only a portion of your privately held note. You may even sell future payments today while still receiving current payments.

We can facilitate the sale of existing private mortgage notes, portfolios of residential or commercial mortgage notes, and can arrange point of sale funding, also called table funding or simultaneous closing.

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E-mail us at: funding@sgedistribution.com



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